Asterion epic run

The Story

In the beginning, Chaos – primeval deity of the Cosmos – was taken to the depth of Tartarus and sealed off with the construction of the Cretan Labyrinth to keep its vile influence from spreading and corrupting the World. But it was not enough.

Every couple hundred years the shackles that keep Chaos subdued weaken and a hero must be sent to stop Chaos from breaking free.

Go to the 5 Warden Realms, secure their blessings and powers to fight Chaos in the Inner Sanctum!

The Game

Asterion is a top-down, 3D action and adventure game with some puzzle and RPG elements. You’ll be taking control of Asterion, a minotaur sent to the Cretan Labyrinth to fight the spread of Chaos.

You must venture into 5 Realms to retrieve the 5 Warden
Blessings that will allow you to face the Avatar of Chaos.
Each realm is a unique, hand-crafted environment with
its own enemies and challenges.

Combat in Asterion is all about enemy positioning. Enemies in the Labyrinth are powerful, and you must think carefully of when to attack them. Dodge or parry incoming attacks to get the upper hand: blocking is only safe for a little while.

Asterion’s axe (Labrys) allows you to temporarily travel to the ruined future of the labyrinth by way of special murals. Travel forward to solve terrain puzzles, discover the fate of the Labyrinth and face tougher enemies.