Glass Bear Logo

About Us:

Hello! We are Glass Bear Studio: a small, Colombian development team - big words for a group of 9 goofy friends that love videogame development.

We were originally a student videogame research group, but soon our wants and needs converged into game development. Couple meetings, beer, pizza... more pizza, and poof! we were onto something.

That something slowly became what you might know as Asterion, our first project.

Glass Bear, if you are curious, is a sort of play on words that came from messing around with a company name that would somewhat reflect our Colombian heritage, and glasses of beer. It's not hard to figure out.

We want to bring our own game perspective to the world and hope our games provide fun and narratively interesting experience to new players and encourage others to develop their own games.

We'll keep you posted on our progress: all that blood, sweat, tears, coffee stains on the table and sleepless nights.